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Freebytes was started in January of 1997 after 10 years of building and repairing personal computers. After working from the kitchen of my home for the next 10 years, I build the first 8 x 12 office addition in 2007. In 2012 that office was destroyed by a drunk driver. Rebuilding began and was completed in 2013 with a new 12 x 24 office space.

There have been many changes in both hardware and software over the years. 

This creates a constant learning curve to be able to troubleshoot and repair. 


New Windows© versions, some created with new architecture are not always backwards compatible with older versions of software programs. This creates the need to purchase new versions software programs and sometime new updated hardware. 

Freebytes is located in the Town of Belvidere at 329 Market St.

Lori J. Freeby, Owner

Life long resident of Warren County, NJ